Generally, metalworking fluids have a working range of (5 to 1) through (30 to 1).

Most times we recommend starting in the middle at (15 to 1), and then you can adjust from there for the specific job you are machining.

  • Grinding is best with a lean ratio (20-30 to 1).
  • Machining at (5-15 to 1) depending on the metal.
  • Sawing (5-15 to 1) depending on the metal.

This will also give you an idea of how much product is necessary to buy to fill the sump. If you don’t know the size of the sump you can use the equation:

L x W x H x .004329 = Estimated size of sump in gallons.

If all of these steps have been tried and you still have an issue, you may be using the wrong lubricoolant for the specific job at hand, please contact us.

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